Accent High Quality led light fixtures

LED quality fixtures

LED quality fixtures

LED’s have stormed the world by supplying and replacing conventional fluorescent lightings in the market segment for a variety of issues and reasons. The most famous os all being the quality of their lifespan, the maintenance fitting problems, and tasks. Regular equipment fittings and the dark disadvantage of exclusive features or lack of diversity with Technical Specifications. They are slack in their performance and Technical Specifications in terms of manufacturing. Thier fittings, in general, do not provide safety and power savings n comparison to LED lighting fixtures. Led quality fixtures made by supplier and manufacturers like Accent Fixtures that have a superior metal and alloy base fixture and has the knowledge and experience since 1985 as manufactures with a brand that speaks for itself.

As purchasing LED lamps and fixtures continues to rise most facility companies and industries are looking forward to purchasing LED on a huge scale. Given the use of LED lights in a day and night usage with offices and commercial floors being well lite, supplying superior brightness and illumination. These light optical fibers or LED lighting systems are semiconductor light emitting diodes that use less voltage and provide a power watt output that is bright enough to beat fluorescent tubes and incandescent lights by a mile wide stretch. Leading manufacturers in India have boomed with the success of LED fit to be used with many projects like UJALA,( An Indian Government LED project) being incorporated in the villages by switching over to LED. With the city bustling with a visible sight of LED sources all around. These semiconductor light fixtures are here to stay.

LED light fixtures

The time for an upgrade is now. You may wonder why pick Accent LED Fixtures over induction fixture sources for supplying your LED. We offer compatibility for a variety of applications with customized options for our clients. These LED light Fixtures are available with dimmable visible options and offer high watt bright light with lower voltage usage. The lifespan of these illuminations also are long lasting and hence do not require high maintenance or extra power supplying sources. It is high time you familiarise yourself with LED bright light fixtures and fit to profit from its features and Technical Specifications

Why should I buy LED lights?

Lighting is by far the most important decision to make for your home, office commercial or industrial application. It will help you get the right bright illumination you need and also help boost work or home activities, improve visible sight, help easily with multiple application fixtures and help save loads of voltage power consumption. LEDs are the best sources for energy efficiency for all areas that require maximum lighting from your home interiors to the work production areas with high sealings and dark spots. Reduce your energy bills with maximum voltage optimization on all LED light fixtures.

What are LED light fixtures and why must we switch to them?

As LED or light emitting diode advances more customers are switching over from Incandescent lamps and tubes to LED lightings. From small LEDs in household tubes to huge warehouses and dockyards Technical Specifications where LED high ball light fixtures have used the need for LED lights just keeps growing. Accent Fixtures provides high-quality lighting systems that run stringent tests on the metal for the fixtures and the final LED light manufacturing quality is tested for voltage usage and watt output potential. These LED illumination lamps have a better lifespan in comparison to fluorescent tubes. Our LED tubes and Lamps run for 50, 000 hours. These LED light fixtures are also strong on being environmentally friendly with no carbon emissions. Safety of quality is well observed at Accent Fixtures using the latest technology in advance bright lights with a greater watt output of illuminance.

Benefits of LED light fixtures

LED tubes have a variety of benefits in terms of cost savings and providing quality light. They do not contain any type of toxins that are harmful like argon, carbon, and mercury like fluorescent tubes that are harmful to a human and the environment. We get rid of air pollution in your home and on the streets, with no carbon emission lower voltage consumption and a high bright dimmable light option. LED lights are always safe and have a semiconductor chip that allows the LED to be long lasting and bright. All LED lights also produce less heat compared to other fluorescent tubes and lamps.

LED light also works under most temperatures which is almost impossible for fluorescent lights which often don't light up under such conditions. LED light fixtures also have a much better resistance to switching cycles and do not require stringent maintenance. When the lifespan of fluorescent tubes have come to its last stages, the bulb buzzes or tends to flicker, LED light fixtures do not face this complication and are flicker free and do not make any such voltage noise when started up.

To make it as simple, quality semiconductor light emitting diode offers:

  • Energy Savings
  • Long Life
  • No Toxin Emission
  • Quick OFF and ON Switch
  • Silent Feature

LED cool white or daylight fittings

Another quality oriented reason would be to opt for the cool white or day LED light if you choose to highlight features such as in a museum, a university, a library or a school. This is very good for the eyesight with visible sight as to not strain the eye. Increase work production and save money by consuming less voltage with LED bright and radiant emissions. Our LED light fittings provide a better quality of light under high colour rendering index or CRI. This means that we provide light fittings for seeing the actual colour of the object.

Now you know why Accent LED lights are popular with our clients. We also offer bulk shipment delivery of customized LED light fittings as per our client's requirements within a very short period of time. With bright light and illumination sometimes you may not require such bright light to work especially when you are relaxing at home. However, we offer dimmable options on our low voltage Led powered lights. Feel relaxed and enjoy the real colour of your ambiance and surroundings.

LED commercial, retail, and industrial bright fittings

When using LED lights and lamps always keep in mind bright display is everything. It's your most selling feature and research in lights have shown that 3.7% of the customers at retail stop at bright lite shops, in comparison to the people who stopped at lower light lite shops which were down to 2.1%.

LED lights with Accent Fixtures

Since the LED lighting pioneer Nikola Tesla had first introduced bright light LEDs the promotion of LED lighting manufacturing gave a new horizon for an entrepreneur such as Accent Fixtures to provide high end industrial, residential, commercial and public lighting system in India. We provide quality stringent solutions for bright LED lights that are stronger and more effective in comparison to fluorescent tubes, neon lightings and lamps. Unlike the Edison patterned lighting systems, our ancestors would use. We provide hands-on LED fittings that allow Accent Fixtures to provide LED lightings with longer working hours for retrofit lightings.

LED light technology fittings

LED technology fittings are solid metal semiconductor lighting systems. One can note the difference in the wattages on cases recorded by fluorescent tubes and LED lighting lamps the benefits are very impressive. Also in terms of fluorescent lights, there is not much more to work with, but we have LED manufacturing that is advancing with modern style metal fittings which exceed futuristic expectations.

Our LED lightings are now manufactured using optimizing systems with lower voltage rates an have shown that our diodes still provide high bright illumination with declined power costings.

Accent LED fittings

There is no such decision that you have to burden yourself with while making home lighting or commercial lighting decisions. We provide LED lightings that your home designers would love, we also provide the best light and bright custom and personalized based advice and consultations, to best suit your home and area standards. Without compromising on quality we offer lower budget-friendly market pricing. We can help assist in making your lighting system or project affordable. We also can provide a better judgment on the expenditure and help run the numbers for you so you can make your best budget-friendly decisions for genuine Led light fittings. We offer efficient energy for all lighting equipment for commercial and industrial usage.

One Stop LED light Fixtures

The one swap that you take from switching over to LED lights will benefit you with its long lifespan feature. You would need fewer lightings since the LED light can distribute and direct light much further than regular conventional fluorescent or incandescent tubes. You save twice with fewer lights and lowered voltage required to run a full-fledged working operation. Keep your home and gardens illumination with stronger bright lights built to last long hours. We offer waterproof lights for gardens with a sprinkler, swimming pools etc. Our light comes in customized designs built to light stairways or even be wall mounted. Our high mast lightings provide ample amount of illumination with low heat emissions.

These lights cover larger areas that need to be lite with adequate light. We offer a warranty on LED lightings systems, with good LED lightings that provide excellent quality and safety. Our lights are extremely comfortable and visible with real colour rendering. We are used in high demand at commercial, malls, universities, chemical industries and other sources of lighting. Our LED lighting sources are very easy to install and provide better watt output to suit our client's needs. Contact Accent Fixtures for premium LED fittings now.



LED Fixtures

The long legacy of LED manufacturing has its advantages in our diversified roles as high pressure die casters and PCB manufacturer.



Prototype PCBs are used in the pre-production testing phase. These boards help to ensure that you have the perfect design before you start your production.

Die Casters

Die Casters

At Accent we perform mastery in casting day in day out. A perfect finish is the result of perfect casting.

Customer Testimonials

Happy to write about our satisfying experience with Accent. Earlier, they were our outsourcing partner for our LED lamps. But when they diversified into die casting and PCB manufacturing they approached us for orders of LED fixtures and PCBs. Assured of their management and expertise on LED we gave them orders for certain types of commercial LED fixtures and PCBs, which were delivered in time and passed our QC. Since then, they have become our regular partner for all parts of our LED lights. The advantages we find working with Accent is that due to their long and profound exposures in LED lightings and applications it makes things easy, faster for them to execute large orders, and to our satisfaction. Furthermore, dealing with the same group for all parts of LED lights reduces our headache and responsibilities.

P.S. Birada

P.S. Biradar

Starlite Industries Ltd, Nashik

Thanks for your e-mail response which was placed for reference in our internal meeting today to conclude about a fixture specification issue. We appreciate your professionalism and time bound production capacity which helped us meet our production and shipment targets.

Mr. Salim

Mr. Salim

Prima Glow Industries, Delhi

We’ve been working with Accent since last 2 years and we are happy with their high level of consistency in executing large orders of LED fixture and PCBs within the time schedule which help us manage our production cost and sales demand. Any questions or issues relating to designing of fixtures or PCBs have been addressed promptly and resolved quickly. Since many of our designs are time critical to meet proof of concept or sales samples, it is very important to have a supplier that can be counted on. Accent fits in that role very well..

Lalit Jain

Lalit Jain

Arun Products Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Why Choose Accent ?

Top class domain expertise.

With an illustrious background of manufacturing LED lights for long time we have developed holistic knowledge and expertise about the fixtures and PCBs required for different applications of LED lightings.

Advance manufacturing facility and delivery mechanisms.

Our most modernized factory located in Mumbai and multi-channel shipment facilities makes us a highly efficient die casting and PCB manufacturer and supplier to meet your business commitment and profitability metrics.

Capacity and flexibility in manufacturing

The technologies used at our factory allow us to produce both low and high volumes of products with equal efficiency.

Cost advantage.

As using the advanced high pressure die casting technology with our rich experience, we are able to provide you with precision aluminum die casting parts that meet your exact specifications for a very low price.

Use of latest technologies.

We are dedicated to implementing advanced techniques in designing and manufacturing of die casting molds and PCBs to provide our clients with high quality services at affordable rates.

Trusted and time tested OEM partnership.

We guarantee that your order will be delivered to your own production site promptly in order to ensure that your business’s efficiency does not suffer due to any delays.