The company has the most modern manufacturing facility and a battery of highly qualified & experienced engineers engaged in quality assurance, product design and production. The company also has a large and modern tool room. Some of the machinery installed in the plant are given below

Production Machines:

  • ZITAI 560 TON: Z2 Series Closed Loop Real Time Machine with Auto Ladle, Extractor, 3-Axis Servo Sptayer, Auto Tie Bar, Auto Feed Back, Auto Correction System, 6-Stage Speed Setting, Auto Conveyor System.

  • ZITAI 420 TON: Closed Loop Machine with Aut Ladle, Auo Sprayer & Auto Extractor, Multiplier Unit with Excess Shot Pressure.

  • ZITAI 250 TON: Closed Loop Machine with Aut Ladle, Auo Sprayer & Auto Extractor, Multiplier Unit with Excess Shot Pressure.

Tool Designing

Tools are designed and developed in house for regular as well as new product development work with strict adherence to quality. Our in-house Tool Room include CAD/CAM for 3D design facilities. Our engineers work closely with customers in designing prototypes and in sampling and product development to ensure cost effectiveness in both tooling and component manufacturing.

Our Tool Room is fully equipped with machines for making fixtures and jigs. We have high precision SPMs and high speed machines for machining of Tools and Dies which ensure high quality tools & Dies in terms of consistency and repeatability.

SPM Machines

A wide range of SPM or the Special Purpose Machines constitute our tool room. SPM is a high productivity machine, with specially designed tooling and fixture, dedicated for mass producing the same component day in and day out. The benefits of using SPM machine includes shorter lead time, lower production cost, replication of same quality products and manufacturing of complex components in large batches.

A judicious combination of limit switches, sensors, logic controls, automatic job clamping etc is the essence of a SPM. A well conceived Special Purpose Machine finds ways and means to utilize the man and machine to the optimum. Our SPMs are used for mass production of components which need to pass through machining processes like turning, boring, facing, drilling, reaming, taping, chamfering, etc. Our Special Purpose Machines work with 4-8 stations, depending upon job requirements.

Our SPM machines

  • Multi-spindle High Speed Milling Special Purpose machine.
  • Duplex Milling Special Purpose machine.
  • Quadruple Head Slot Milling and Slitting SPM.