LED Fixtures


The long legacy of LED manufacturing has its advantages in our diversified roles as high pressure die casters and PCB manufacturer, that we have the entire range of LED lighting fixtures in our inventory. But we also manufacture high quality fixtures in other industries including automobiles.

Why Aluminum die casts are used for LED fixtures

Aluminum fixtures and parts used for LED lightings are very durable but less expensive than other die casting processes. Aluminum light fixtures have good thermal properties and are most useful for uses in applications where lights generate high temperature; ideal for LED lights. In former years, lighting housings would be welded together, which would be labor intensive, costly and had limitations on the shapes available. Aluminum lighting fixture parts can be of many shapes and sizes, used in many applications .

Aluminum being 1/3 rd in weight compared to steel, would be cheaper for packaging and delivering. Aluminum LED lighting fixtures can be produced in quantities of a few hundreds to few thousands each day. Another favoring information about aluminum is that they are good conductor of electricity and thus can be grounded easily.

  • Aluminum lighting fixtures weigh 1/3 that of a steel part.
  • Aluminum lighting fixtures are electrically conductive.
  • Lighting fixtures in aluminum are inexpensive.
  • Aluminum lighting parts look good powder coated.
  • Plastic Parts do not last like aluminum lighting parts.
  • Aluminum light parts are produced in hundreds per day.
  • Aluminum parts have good thermal properties.

Product Range

Accent Die Casting and Fixtures is a leading name in the design and manufacture of Aluminum high pressure die casting LED fixtures. The company offers Aluminum die casting for various range of LED fixtures for different wattages (6 Watt to 250 Watts), such as:

Designing factors

The life span of LEDs and the driving electronics i.e. the respective PCBs depend largely on how good the thermal management of the fixture is, in terms of dissipating heat to the environment and limiting the temperature below the safe level. It's a fact that the operating temperature of LED impacts the lighting color and its overall lifetime.

Other factors that have to be considered while designing include height, thickness of fins of heat sink, driver box area, groove for gasket for sealing the body with cover to make fixture leak proof.

Since many of these fixture types have to withstand difficult weather conditions they are manufactured by using highest grade ADC -12 alloys and supplied duly powder coated with pasted toughened glass of 4mm of 90% transparency supported by high quality silicon sponge gasket and stainless steel bolts which aren't affected by rust