LED Street Light Fixtures

Latest street lighting technology with a dedicated purpose of reducing the electricity consumption and giving the output with greater brightness is been observed and such technology is called LED, which emits a white light that renders a high level of quality allowing streetlights with less watt to replace the current street lights. These LED lights need Street light fixtures to render its purpose. We have collaborated with various LED manufactures in India to provide them with our high-quality aluminum die-cast fixture case.

A Streetlight fixture is a metal device which holds LED lights that provides bright lighting in dark than the existing sodium bulb lights. Streetlights have a fixture body to hold and protect the LED light from damages. The light may be in device for simple replacement or in case of LED streetlight fixtures, a hard-wired is used. LED Light fixtures also have a device to control the light which is connected to the lights body or connected to the power cable. Perpetual light fixtures such as housing room chandeliers may not have switches on the fixture but they might be relying on a wall switches.

Street LED Light Fixtures do require an AC power supply but there are few lights which run on solar power as an emergency light delivering the same performance. We provide fixtures for both types of functions. Perpetual lighting fixtures are directly circuited to high voltage power connection. Streetlights widely use high-intensity emanation lights. As these lights are used for a great amount of time with results to heating, and to avoid any harm from this to other things, fixtures are made in such a way that the heat from the light does not heat the exterior of itself. Most importantly, fixtures have an outstanding thermal performance to extend the LED and power supply as it is a sophisticated aluminum die-cast case for the heat sink.

Light fixtures also have other features as well. Light fixtures can be used as a reflector for focusing the light. It can be used as an outer casing or housing case light adjustment and protection. A broad variety of excellent optical design fixtures are created for use in the cars for parking light, to increase the visibility in water and medicinal sectors as well. Movable light fixtures are those, which can be carried and placed wherever necessary. Streetlight Fixtures protect the light from all dust, external force which can damage the light, water dripping into the lights which affect the durability of the product.

LED street lights are the integrated light that uses light-emitting diodes as their light source. These are recognized as integrated lights as the luminaire and the fixtures are not separate parts. Increased in manufacturing, the LED light is installed on a panel and then soldered to the LED panel with a heat-sink to become an integrated light fixture.

There are different fixture designs created to consolidate numerous types of LED. Though some LED manufacturing companies use low-power LEDs in their goods containing several low-power LEDs arranged collectively to give the same persistence as a single high power LED would give. The appearance of the LED streetlight fixture depends on several conditions, including configuration of LED light, the heat-sink used with the LEDs and appreciative design preference and long and expected lifetime. The assured lifetime of LED streetlights is habitually 10 to 15 years which is two to four times the sodium bulb streetlight giving greater light output even at low temperatures. the die-cast aluminium alloy housing confirms its extraordinary soundness. We manufacture a special fixture for the off-grid solar power system in India. Our superior tempered glass diffuser has a satisfying light transmittance and invariant in color.

BENEFITS of having fixtures for LED

  • Latest pluggable technology which is quite easy to maintenance onsite.
  • Fixtures provide the highest waterproof class.
  • Availability of Multiple light distributions.
  • Honeycomb structure on the fixture is the most prominent cooling technology which is highly efficient heat dissolution.
  • Free modular serialization and abundant of range solutions.


  • Industrial Illumination
  • Street Illumination
  • Open Space Illumination