Single layer PCB

What is a PCB?

A PCB is known as a printed circuit board which mechanically supports and connects electrically with the electronic and electrical components that use conductive tracks, pads and other features. It has one or more sheets of copper laminated layers which are placed between sheets of a non-conductive substrate.

In single layer PCB the components are mounted on one side of the circuit board. The conducting wires are connected on the other side. This type of Printed circuit boards is the simplest and basic in construction. Easy and simple to make, the single layer PCBs are most common in use.

The single layer Printed circuit boards were first made in the year 1950, with the usage of an electronic transistor. This type of PCBs more commonly manufactured in USA, and now been in common use in majority of electronic devices in India as well. Accent Fixtures are now one of the leading companies to manufacture the single layer PCBs. By using the technique of copper etching, single layer PCBs was manufactured directly during the early time. Japan, in the period between 1953 -1955 used the imported copper make out paper phenolic aldehyde copper substrate that was used and applied mostly on the radio products. Later in the year 1956 the single layer PCB designs made a progress in the technology with its appearance in the professional manufacturing of PCBs design, this took place in Japan. The copper substrate used paper phenolic aldehyde in the early stage in Japan but due to paper phenolic aldehyde there was poor solder thermal stability and twist issue due to its factors like low electric insulation. Soon after this paper epoxide resin and glass fiber epoxy resin was developed. In recent times the paper epoxide resin came in wide usage in the electronic field.

The Single layer printed circuit boards have only one layer and are also known as single sided PCBs that consist of only one layer of conductive material with best suitable low density designs. This printed circuit boards are quick in designing and easy to manufacture. They are extremely cheap and easy to maintain. Apart from the single layer printed circuit board’s simple manufacturing they are used in complex electronic devices.

Some of the examples where the single printed circuit boards are used are mentioned below;

  • Power supplies
  • Relays (automotive and industrial)
  • Timing circuits
  • Sensor products
  • LED lighting
  • Radio and stereo equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Calculators
  • Printers
  • Coffee makers
  • Vending machines
  • Solid state drives
  • Camera systems